Hello, I'm Nivedita Joy


WEB Designer 

& FINE Artist.

UX case studies.

Software application dashboards & responsive websites

Creating user engaging and immersive applications has always been a longstanding ambition of mine. Finding ways to communicate with any user in a visually and cohesively inviting way is important to me. I have had the opportunity to work with many talented people in a wide breadth of industries.


Guided feature"Getting Started with API Connect"

Company: IBM 


Ideation, rapid prototyping, wireframe User testing, UI design & testing, handed to developers and final testing. 


Simplified self-service used to assist clients in performing creating, building, and deploying API within BlueMix in real-time from start to finish. Since implementation, first-time users can be guided step-by-step through the process.


Has experienced a 31% decrease in “how-to” support calls, leading to a 23% decrease in overall support call volume over a five-month period. As a result, the support team has gained valuable time that can now be dedicated towards performing value-driven actions for clients.

10 min read 



working as a UX/ UI designer in Silicon Valley since 2010.

2019 - Present

NTT DATA Innovative Institute 

Palo Alto, CA

Senior Product Designer for AI/ML Apps

Design new and improve existing user experience & interface design, establishing design guidelines & standards of real-time Smart Platforms like traffic flow, object count, license plate & facial recognition, health screening, and others.

2017 - 2019


Santa Clara, CA

Senior UI/ UX Web Marketing Designer

Created responsive designs that scale well across multiple platforms. Driving end to end design from ideation to delivery,  click-through prototypes for feedback and user testing. Supported the Hortonworks corporate website for any new content or updates. Delivered various connected data platforms infographics for presentations to the Marketing and Web departments.

2016 -2017

IBM Cloud Integration

Foster City

Senior Product Designer

Served as a senior designer and created UX/UI templates for IBM Bluemix cloud platform services including Cloud Foundry, Open Whisk, API connect, and secure gateways; Designed custom icons & infographics with a focus on visual legibility, consistency, and memorability of the unique product brand.

2017 - 2019


Campbell, CA

Web & Product Designer

Conceptualized and produced interactive platform UI/UX designs for a provider of youth computer science camps and courses with 150 nationwide locations and 470K site visits per month.
Designed, user-tested, and maintained responsive web pages, software applications, learning platforms, marketing collateral, and the company brand identity.

2010 -2013


Sunnyvale, CA

Visual Designer

Rebranded Become.com, and supported a company website with web layouts, mobile sites, user interface elements, static and flash banners, business cards, infographics, widgets, email campaigns, and typography using Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS, and Action Script.

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  •  MFA Degree in Fine Art, Orenburg, Russia 

  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture & Interior Design, Orenburg, Russia 

  • Design & Programming skills earned in the Bay Area colleges:  Evergreen Valley, San Jose City, and Saratoga West Valley. 



Paintings Oil on canvas 

Creative expression has always been a big part of my life. I hold a master's degree in painting and drawing from the Fine Art University in Orenburg, Russia. I've dedicated years of study and practice to understanding art history and classical painting styles and also infused them in my work.

​My paintings have been exhibited in fine art galleries all over the US. In the last few years, I've also experimented with and created art using digital mediums.


Art Business News Magazine


Los Gatos Art Association


TV Show - The Painting Gourmet, Comcast  Chanel 15



Feel free to send me a message or just say hello and I'll get you as soon as possible.

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